Prevent Screen Rotation in PhoneGap / Android

You may have an app at some point that requires a set screen orientation. Using PhoneGap in Android this is done by editing your project’s AndroidManifest.xml. This file is located in your project root. Double click the file to open it within Eclipse and note the activity node:

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Cordova (aka PhoneGap) Installation ERROR & Solution

Installation requirements :

  1. Ant (download from )
  2. Java JDK (download from
  3. Android SDK (download from
  4. Nodejs (download from


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Cordova (aka PhoneGap) Capture Picture And submit to Coldfusion

Android + Cordova + Coldfusion

I want to keep it very simple, all i am trying to do is :

  1. Take a photo and retrieve the image’s file location.
  2. On Form Submit
    • I want to transfer file to Coldfusion server.
    • With Photo Name & Comments.

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